Smart Fleet Management Software is Here

The smartest GPS Tracking software in the market that delivers Ultra-fast tracking solutions. We ensure easy compatibility with all hardware devices, both trackers and sensors.

Fleet Management Software

Advanced Dashboard

All things essential!

Status Bar

Get the live status of the vehicles at the status bar – Running, Overspeed, Stopped, Idle, Unreachable or Inactive. There’s a defined colour and symbol for every status for better understanding.

Trip Dashboard

Managing trips while keeping tabs on other updates is demanding, right. Our user-friendly dashboard brings all the crucial aspects of Trip Management in one place.

Essential Details

Click on vehicles in the table to get their current readings such as speed, distance, last update, fuel and much more. You get other features such as Live Track, Nearby, Share Location, Service & Maintenance Log, Driver Allocation, etc.

3D Icons

From eRickshaw to bikes, tractor or trailers, we have more than 15 3D icons in our kitty. Yes, this is our way of adding a little quirk to the well organised and professional looking set-up.

Status Bar Dashboard
Trip Planning Dahboard
Essential Detail Dashboard
3D Icons Designs

Reports & Insights

We dig deep!

Detailed Fleet Reports
Elaborated Charts and Insights
Dowload Printed Reports

Detailed Reports

Managing the fleet is not an exhausting task anymore. We offer multiple reports with detailed insights to simplify the process. Our intelligent software continuously analyses the data to present accurate and up-to-date reports.

Elaborated Charts

When numbers seem overwhelming, charts come to your rescue. There’s a well-structured process for data delivery and reports representation. Every report consists of a comprehensive table supported by elaborated charts.

Download for Later

You get an option to print the reports directly from the software or download them in PDF or Excel format for later use.

Tour Management

Go places!


Mark all essential spots/places as a geofence and get notified every time the vehicle enters or exits. You get real-time alerts and consolidated geofence reports for the entire fleet.

Tour Creation

Stay ahead of the curve by mapping the most efficient route for every trip to save on time, money and labour. Mark the stoppages, specify the halt time, draw up the timeline and get notified when the task is done.

Route Deviation

Now you don’t have to keep logging in every now and then to track important consignments. With Route Deviation, you get an alert every time the driver deviates from the designated route.

Geofence your location
Tour and Route Planning
Route Deviation Announcements

What More?

The more the merrier!

Fuel Monitioring System
Temperature Monitoring Sensors
Fleet Management Sensors

Fuel Monitoring

Fuel tops the budget for most of the transporters. Fuel theft makes things even worse, right? With a Fuel Monitoring system in place, you get alerts for fuel drainage and refill, along with consumption and efficiency reports.

Load & Temperature Sensors

Load sensors provide the real-time weight of goods. In cold chain monitoring, temperature variation reports are produced. You receive an alert if there’s an alarming drop/rise in temperature

Additional Sensors

Our vehicle tracking software is compatible with all types of external sensors that simplify fleet management such as Camera, AC on/off, Door sensors, OBD, CAN, UHF/HF Readers, iButton, etc.

Vehicle Security

We play safe!


We’ve tackled one of the biggest concerns of Fleet Managers i.e. vehicle security. This feature makes the vehicle theft-proof. You can Lock/Unlock vehicles from anywhere and guess what, it doesn’t require SMS verification.

Parking Alarm

Park vehicles anywhere at any hour of the day for as long as you want. Turn the parking mode on or schedule parking for vehicles to enable an alarm that goes off in case of vehicle movement, towing or ignition ON.

Battery Safety

Battery Theft is a matter of concern for many transporters. We have taken care of it by providing a Battery Disconnection Alarm in case the battery gets disconnected from the device.

Immobilize Vehicles
Parking Alarm
Battery Safety

The Focal Points

Six Month History
Payment Log
Payment Gateway
Driver Management
Service Reminders
3 Live Tracking at Once
Alerts & Announcements

Your dealers, transporters and end-users can contact you directly in case they are looking for more services or products such as tires, hardware, etc.

Service Reminders

We archive the history of the last six months. The data of your trips remain safe as it is, for your later use

3 Live Tracking at Once

You don’t need to maintain a separate database to log the payment records. Our feature Payment Log resolves the issue.


With a payment gateway on the portal, you can settle bills and dues by paying online without switching the platform.

Alerts & Announcements

Complete Driver Management in one place – Store drivers’ details, do KYC, manage and assign tasks.


You receive reminders if there’re any services or maintenance tasks such as insurance, pollution or other permits due.

Six Month History

Track up to three vehicles at the same time without switching between the screens on the web

Payment Log

Here you get the list of nearby police stations, petrol pumps, ATMs and other utility outlets. You also get directed to the nearby vehicles of yours.

Payment Gateway

In addition to 50+ alerts, we also offer announcements that appear as pop-ups (Image & text) on the assigned users’ screen when they log in.

Driver Management